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Hi there πŸ‘‹

Hi, my name is Marcin. I’m originally from Poland but live in the Bay Area, California. Professionally, I’m a data scientist and a software engineer. I’m passionate about data science, machine learning, and software engineering. You can find out more about me on my personal website.

Now the fun part: why are we here? This is not my first attempt at blogging. I used to share interesting stories and projects on my previous personal blog. I published there in polish, so I decided to start a new blog in English. It has been a while since I actively posted (I did that in β€œwaves”), and the world has changed significantly. However, I still think a proper blog has advantages over modern social media.

I want to use this space to show exciting projects I’m working on after hours. There are two reasons for doing this:

  • Inspire others to do interesting things: there is a lot to experiment with and discover – you just need to start.
  • Inspire my future self to do exciting things: I love looking back, seeing interesting things I did, and appreciating the knowledge and experience it gave me.

I hope someone is actually reading this, and the content of this blog is valuable and inspiring.

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